Popularly known as Swagga P. The DJ whose skills are embedded in a deep passion and hard-core dedication, remains phenomenal in the Florida scene. Starting his craft at the age of 16, he grew up listening to various types of music and mixing up with various people. At this point, he also attended several house parties too to keep his creative juices flowing. As a new feather in the industry, he learned to cue, blend and beat match with virtual DJ incorporating his Spanish roots. Subsequently, his skills became exceptional, having met with prominent DJs who introduced him to real Reggae, Sosa, Calypso, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, House, and Top 40 music. Swagga P’s career took a new turn ever since. Today, his gusto, creativity, and skill have earned him the role of president of the Boston Chapter for La, a DJ Association all over the US.  His hypnotic grooves take the party to a whole new level of celebration. With a bubbly personality, the explosive, dynamic, and truly passionate about music his enthusiasm continually reflects in his ebullient performances. For him, his clients’ satisfaction is his utmost desire