Clifton Howard AKA DJ Ricky is a musical experience. Playing for more than 24 years, DJ Ricky offers a fantastic mix of music and talent. Trading  styles, DJ Ricky move from one genre to another, recreating hits of today  flawlessly. Originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica and  now living in Miami.  A DJ/Entertainer since 1991 and  worked  at Jack Tar Hotel, Starfish Resort, and Margarita Ville in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Played with major   sound systems such as Stone Love, Bass Odyssey, and Renaissance to name a few. Past leaderof the dance group Chemical Boys who represented Jamaica in dancing in Mexico. Played as a guest DJ in Cuba and Bahamas. Also do videos and photography for weddings, parties and photo shoots. DJ Ricky is available for all DJ and photography services such as birthday parties, weddings, dance and much more.