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Reviewing the Cliqly $97 Upgrade: A Comprehensive Case Study

TRANSPARENCY ALERT: To address the burning question posed at the end of the Cliqly Free Trial Review post, I opted to pay the $97 fee to upgrade my virtual assistant's account. This decision was made to delve deeper into the profitability aspect. The verdict?

The answer is a definitive Yes! In the interest of full disclosure, I will provide a breakdown of my experience.

No one signed up as I did not share my link, I wanted to test and see.

As you can see After my being Pro on day 2 I have made my $97 back and will cash out next week.

The Start

Conclusion: Final Overall Review of Case Study

I am a Pro Account User

MyInboxPro User 30K

and I have 2 referrals

If you invest you can make a nice buck but you must either send mail daily or schedule in advance. So far so good.

End Results So Far

The new updates have made this a joy, There was a time where was not profitable but over time they have made adjustments allowing those who embrace to be compensated.

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